PRE -TT INFO DAYDates & location: 

Fri 24 May | 16.00-20.30 | With Jasmijn Koelink @ Yoga Moves Jan van Scorelstraat 41, Utrecht

Become a professional yoga teacher

As a beginning yoga teacher, the first step is to enable you to share the gifts of yoga to a broad range of people. We focus on giving you a solid foundation and help you master the fundamentals. As a more experienced teacher, you look for depth and creativity, new ways to reach more people. Let us help you get there. We invite you to join one of our professional training programs. We hope it will mark the beginning (or continuation) of a successful career as a yoga teacher.

Yoga Moves Teacher Training Programs

The Yoga Moves Teacher Training Program consists of a Foundational Vinyasa Teacher Training (200 hrs). Since the start of our training school in 2001, Yoga Moves has successfully trained hundreds of alumni, some have become the most well-known yogis in The Netherlands. Make a difference in other people’s lives!

Yoga Moves Vinyasa Teacher Training (RYT 200 hours)

Do what you love! Deepen your practice. And learn how to teach.

Master the fundamentals, broaden your understanding of yoga, help you to find your voice, your confidence and learn how to share your love of yoga! Completing our program will mark the beginning of your new life as a skilled and inspired yoga teacher.

From day one we will guide you in deepening your practice and honing your skills to become a confident and empowering teacher. Become a source of inspiration begins with your own personal yoga practice, both on and off the mat. Yoga is not just physical gymnastics, but a practice of the heart, mind and spirit. Be prepared to push your mental and physical boundaries through this journey.

The Vinyasa Teacher Training (200 hours) we will offer in The Hague will be an Intensive one. Both programs have the same curriculum and hours of training:

  • Intensive Summer Training – starts July 2019 in The Hague

Ready to jump in and go on a journey with us? 

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What style of yoga is the Yoga Moves teacher training?

Expect to learn how to teach a creative yoga flow that integrates great and deep body alignment. Vinyasa Flow is a creative and grounded approach to building the experience of yoga. It incorporates the essentials of alignment, breath coordinated movement (principles of vinyasa), focus or dristi and core or bandhas. Multi-level sequencing will be explored as a way to integrate an effective, creative and dynamic teaching method based upon vinyasa-krama (stages of evolution) and pose /counter-pose. We will also integrate alignment–based awareness (origins: Iyengar) in your teaching and practice.


What can I expect from the program?

  • Practical & down-to-earth information to apply as a yogi and teacher

  • Challenging classes bringing your own practice to new levels

  • Working with senior trainers who will really get to know you personally

  • Learn why some people need a different approach; start to see and respond to people, their bodies, and their potential

  • Learn to teach a balanced yet flowing class for beginners and intermediate students

  • Explore your breath and learn how to teach it

  • Develop a sound understanding of working from the foundation up; learn how to work with props.

  • How to intelligently build and teach creative yoga classes that are fun, beautiful and inspirational.

  • Become a teacher that has students coming back for more!

  • Internationally recognized certificate qualification (Yoga Alliance, International RYT-200 level)Become a professional yoga teacher (RYT 200 hours)

Dates Summer/Fall Program 2019 in The Hague:

Times will be 10.30-18.30

  • 20-27 July (8 days)

  • 24-31 August (8 days)

  • 21-22 September

  • 1-3 November

  • 7-8 December