Ever since she was a little girl, reiki, healing, massage and yoga was part of her life ( even though she didn't know it was called that way). This entire unknown yet very familiar world of healing, energy and yoga in all it's forms, felt like home from the moment she discovered that there was indeed; way more than the eyes can see. It was a feeling of some sort of emptiness, a longing for something that was missing, a search for miracles and wonder that made her wondering. And one of the best things she learned was that... ( here comes the cheesy part..) healing ( wholeness) starts within. Awareness and focus are some of the best and easiest accessible medicines for the soul and body. Her curiosity and the feeling of the need to 'Remember' brought her into different yoga teacher trainings. And she started teaching at 19. With Ashtanga as her safe basis she started to search for more practices to fill up her suitcase of “Medicines”. Holistic massage therapy grounded in her teachings and soon she dove into another beautiful training. But this training was not a practice with the inner world but one with the outer world. The Wim Hof Method teacher training was mind blowing and profound, it went straight to the heart. What lies without, lies within and the other way around. Training with the outer elements and learning to use the breath as one of the most powerful medicines was exhilarating and life changing. Always incorporating all that healing juju in her classes, which she is teaching with love for over a decade. Whenever you jump into a class with Lilian you'll feel all those beautiful healing tools, as every class is fully equipped to strengthen, invigorate and replenish your entire system. You'll be challenged but also pampered, asked to seriously laugh about yourself ( as the best thing she learned is; thou shall not take oneself too seriously) and to actively relax. Curious? Come and have a little adventure with her, she won't bite ( most of the time).