Maggie Bijl is an American yoga teacher from Maui, Hawaii. She was first introduced into Bikram Yoga in her late teens just after moving to the islands… After devoting 10 years (on and off) to the ‘torcher chamber’ and feeling stagnant in her practice she discovered the freedom of Vinyasa Yoga. With a history of theatre and dance since youth, Maggie immediately fell in love with the rhythm, movement and self-expression of more flowing styles of yoga.

Maggie is a creative soul and unique spirit. She’s artistic and expressive in her own practice, but teaches with grace and gratitude. She encourages you to listen to your own intuition and to move from your center both on and off the mat. She embraces wavelike spinal movements and individual self-expression in each any every class.

Maggie began her Yoga Teaching career by becoming a certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor as well as a Birth Doula supporting and empowering woman throughout their pregnancies and for the duration of their labor and birth. She has been blessed to have supported many woman on their journey into motherhood and to have welcomed so many babies into this world. Maggie’s Yoga path organically evolved over the years that followed as she studied and trained with many well recognized Yogi’s across the globe.