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“A headstand a day keeps the doctor away”

Lets meet ‘the King of Asanas’, turn your world upside down and feel the magic happening. Do you practice yoga but you don’t feel comfortably going into headstand yet? Or are you stable in headstand but you would like to learn variations and know more about this wonderful pose? Then this workshop is for you!

Headstand, or Salamba Sirsasana, is one of the main postures in Hatha yoga, its practiced throughout most traditions and it’s a very powerful pose. This balancing posture can completely turn your mood around in minutes (for the better!) and when practiced regularly it has numerous physiological and psychological health benefits. 

In a normal Vinyasa/power class it can be hard to really learn and dive deeper into this great core-strengthening pose. Therefore, in November Sterre will teach a workshop that is entirely designed for practicing Headstand in a fun and safe way.

In this workshop you will receive

-       background information about the headstand

-       a step by step approach to learn master this pose

-       guidance and instruction to practice safely and with good alignment and ease

-       variations and different ways of support 

-       ideas and tools to safely start to integrate headstand/or variations into your yoga practice.

During this workshop we will enjoy a mild vinyasa style flow, which will warm you up to work on preparatory practices to strengthen the upper body, shoulders and core.


You don’t need to be able to do full headstand to attend, as all options, instructions and support with be given. However Salamba sirsasana is not a pose for raw beginners. Some skills in primary asanas is essential. Furthermore, headstand is not suitable for people with high blood pressure, glaucoma, neck or back injuries, first days of menstruation or heart condition. Apart from that, feel most welcome to play!


Prijs: €25,-

To register please send us an email click HERE