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WORKSHOP BREATH INITIATED MOVEMENT                                                          Learn how to integrate breath in your practice

Learning to breathe properly in  (vinyasa) class literally brings your practice to life, it takes you out of your head and straight into your body.

Awareness of breath and synchronizing breath and movement is what makes yoga, yoga; and not gymnastics or any other physical practice.

This is actually what VINYASA mean's: breath initiated movement. Most of the time we are so focussed on the physical practice that we totally forget about the breath no matter how many times the teacher tells us to breathe.

Or maybe you dont even know HOW to breathe properly simply because there is no breath awareness (yet!)

 In this workshop youll learn about the relationship between breath and movement.

When the practice of linking breath to movement starts to feel natural, you have to think less about the specifics as you flow through your practice. You find that you are able to breathe in a way that, for the most part, matches your practice.

Practicing yoga in this way with the breath initiating movement will change your practice:

*It helps you to become more present & aware on and off the mat

*it slows down the thinking mind

*it increases the feel good effect after a yoga practice as you increase to movement of Prana (life energy)

*It will help you to focus and it will take you into a more meditative state of being.

*It will open you up to some new experiences both on and off the mat


In a regular yoga class there is not much time to really focus in dept on this breath initiated by movement and therefore you might miss the experience of what yoga really is other then just physical movement.


Thats what this workshop is for. You will learn:

-some background on the breathing system

-proper uijayi breathing or refining it

-how to move with the breath

-a different experience of flow and holding asanas


NB: this is not a workshop for breathing only we will be moving!

Price: €25,-

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Teacher: Barbara Klarenbeek

Earlier Event: November 24
Later Event: January 28