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We will be moving to the rhythm of our breath and to the sound of music. We're not limited to a yoga mat but will be exploring the space around us,  travelling through.Natural yoga movement emphasizes transitions, how do we enter and exit an asana, but also the awareness of what happens in between the asanas. In the “ in between” magic happens. The complete connection to the self in the present moment. The journey from one asana to the next guided by our breath. Exploring the possibilities and boundaries of our moving bodies with awareness, respect and intelligence.
Moving out of our comfort zone. Moving from the centre of our Body and
finding stillness through movement. And most of all having a lot of fun as we
explore the endless possibilities of movement.
Natural yoga movement is suitable for all levels. No previous yoga experience

PRICE: 20,- for YS members/ 22,50 for non YS members

Friday Feb 16th  19.00 uur


Earlier Event: February 14