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"Embody the Soul of Yoga in your practice" with Pradeep Teotia

Pradeep is back with us!! WELCOME HOME:-)

Come and Join for an incredible weekend journey from Motherland India thru San Franscisco Yoga Teacher Pradeep.

He will visit YOGASEADS for the third time now and we are happy to offer you this wonderful weekend retreat at our studio. Immerse yourself into this beautiful physical & spiritual practice that he has to offer.

Pradeep will guide you throught 3 MASTERCLASSES in this weekend:

Philosophy Talk



Vigorous yet mindful Vinyasa Flow and deepen your practice and understanding of yoga.

Insights to deepen your practice on and off the mat!
Workshops Benefits:

         .Celebrate what you have
             .Create a more powerful life experience
             .Courage, confidence and patience
             .Strong and stable core for centered movement
             .Balanced strength throughout the upper and lower body
             .Build strength and flexibility
             .Improved breath connection to increase endurance and receptivity
             .Expand your possibilities for movement.

Friday, May 31st : 19.00 - 21.30 ‘Ingniting the Core of your practice’

Saturday, June 1st, 11.00 - 13.30 ‘Playing with arm balances ’

Sunday, June 2nd , 13.00 - 15.30 ‘Bringing it all together & insights’’

All levels of practitioners will enjoy the benefits of this workshop. Pradeep's very approachable manner lends to an ease in his teaching style, which draws many students from different disciplines. Mixed Levels, a mindfulness Bhakti flow class. Join Pradeep Teotia  for an awakening of the heart and spirit! Celebrate joy and passion in your practice through opening and listening to what's inside. By breathing deeper into poses, you can start shifting compassion from your mat into the rest of your life. Blend pranayama, asana, music and sweat to build strength and flexibility while letting go of struggle.
"I hope you have an opportunity to come experience the opportunity to track subtle shifts or extraordinary transformation." 


Born and raised in a small village outside of New Delhi, Pradeep Teotia is an internationally certified yoga teacher who draws mostly from his training in India. He has practiced and studied yoga his entire life - starting with his grandmother in his early years. He is known for bringing the roots of yoga alive for modern practitioners through the integration of meditation, yoga philosophy, nature's vitality, spontaneous humor, and joy. His unique teaching style brings alive the holistic nature of healing in a way that is simple, powerful, and accessible - allowing people to connect more deeply with their own authentic power and spirit.

He has the ability to bring out your true potential.

Pradeep teaches at Sivananda Yoga Ashrams & Centers around the world. He also teaches at Bhakti Fest, Wanderlust Festivals, Whistler Yoga Conference, and at the Hawaii Spirit Festival. He leads workshops throughout North America and Europe, and retreats all over the world.

For more information about Pradeep visit him


Fri €35

Sat €35

Sun €35

Package price all 3 workshops :€95

Sign up by sending an email to

You can do each masterclass seperately but we strongly advice :-) you to experience the whole weekend of yoga for yourself to fully immerse and feel the benefits of yoga 3 days in a row. No worries Pradeep will take care of you:-)

Later Event: June 21