Sterre is a passionate yogi who has been teaching on a weekly basis since 2010. She teaches Hatha- and Vinyassa yoga and is still fascinated by the profound and positive effects of this ancient method on physical-, mental- and even other levels. She jokes sometimes saying that “If everybody would do yoga I would only have half the amount of clients in therapy!”

She herself discovered the healing power of yoga through a sports injury and a stressful time abroad in 2007. Yoga practice has been part of her life ever since.

Consciously working with the body felt like coming home because of Sterre’s background in dance, but yoga revealed to bring so much more; Peace of mind, a certain lightness, purpose and a stronger connection to (her) nature. She explored various yoga styles, completed the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta teacher training (200-hours) in France and started teaching at Yoga Kamala in Amsterdam. She deepened her teaching skills and understanding of yogic philosophy during the well-respected teacher training of Svaha Yoga Amsterdam (500-hours). Since 7 years Sterre teaches at her local studio, Yogaseads at Scheveningen beach.

Her classes offer a holistic yoga-blend in which the spiritual aspect does not compromise the physical challenge, supported by clear instructions and hands-on adjustments.